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It is rewarding to see business owners and managers put leadership principles to work.  Answers arise, solutions can be implemented, the path to success grows clearer.  This is what a business coach can do.  There are aspects of running a business that, in some circumstances really can be hell on wheels.  Business owners can get burned out due to recurring frustrations.  Mr Masterson has new angles and is full of play calls that will help you get a very refreshed orientation…

The greatest value of business consulting is found in your new results…

The Strong Company office is at 619 Main Street.

For many purposes, meets at your location, and with key team members can help the outcome.

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Guy Masterson, Your Ally, The Troubleshooter

Owner & President of Executive Command Dynamics Inc.

Management Directive Specialist & Troubleshooter

Together we can accomplish more for your company.  Setting clear goals and taking the right steps towards fulfillment can be difficult in the midst of operating pressures and the distractions of daily life.  Clarifying vision and purpose has many helpful positive impacts… Don’t wait too long to forge the alliance that changes company future!

A Business Coach Who Maintains a Class A CDL & Knows Restaurants and Juggles!

Business owners are always surprised as we start working together on their company status.  If they have worked with other consultants, they say, “Wow, you are totally different!”  As a retired firefighter volunteer and a man knowledgeable about art history – Guy Masterson brings a wide array of fit variables to the table.  Dealing with Coach Masterson proves unexpected because of his sense of humor and wily strategies that generate powerfully stout results.  Practical gets way more interesting with dynamic implementation of big picture strategy!

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The challenge is on.  What can we do from where it is at, to where it can be?  And what advantages will pass over into your free time when operations take on greater orderliness?  A business coach may use some math and numbers here and there where needed, but rest assured – The Strong Company is about the core operational dynamics that arise organically from your industry and specific company scenario.  This meeting is about what you know, and how to blend in new strategies and tactics that transform your leadership capability set.  Delegation is very important to balance the load.  Often, empowering the right people and building justice that anchors real trust is the key.

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Some owners are ready to sell their business because of the myriad issues of which their days have become composed.  This is very understandable.  Cracking the code for change turns the tables.  Other owners are fairing well and want optimization training.  Tuning is much easier than rough change agency.  Vision-tune brings the benefit of real wisdom and experience to your operating bottom line.  There is much to learn about generating the right strategies.  This is a creative task.  Implementation also features great opportunities and interesting challenges.

The Unexpected Idea: Hire A Business Coach!

You have variables that The Strong Company can positively impact.  It all starts with a fun sport: start consulting and try to validate firing the new business coach as soon as you can!  Business owners hate expenses.  Except for the type that multiply revenue.  So Coach Masterson gets a while to show that ROI is happening; that seeds for new levels of profitability are being planted.  Value investments back into your company are part of the winning equation.  Now the hard part, that first step – and so many people have complimented your visionary courage…

Free Parking round back of 619 Main Street on the corner of Colorado Avenue and 6th Street.

Appointment is necessary.  The best way to make first contact is to send an email with some detail about what kind of help you are hoping to find and your situation.


business coach - guy masterson - the strong company

business coach - guy masterson - the strong company - gj co