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Use Business Consulting to Gain Leverage

Running your own company is a lot of fun; until an awkward situation happens and the outcome is all on you.  Broaden your safety margins.  Widen your revenue stream.  The fun is a whole lot more durable when you are winning.  Business consulting sharpens your strategy.

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Unique business scenarios present unexpected opportunity for growth and also, potential dangers.  You have the authority and have to make the decisions.  Consulting with Guy Masterson, The Strong Company Business Coach and Troubleshooter gives you an ally that can empower your achievement.

Remember, your interpretation skills are key.  Your ability to decipher the meaning of company performance variables makes a huge difference in your steering for optimization!!

Here are several focal points that generally come up in extended consulting relationships:

Time Management

We all struggle with time management because it is challenging.  Striving to improve your time management skill is very important, but there is an even more effective approach (that few people can explain) that is a better way to win this battle… Look at your company – what does it do?  What do clients, customers, guests value most about your company?  Dialing your purpose to greater clarity impacts the functions of TIME.  The relationship of purpose and time must be experienced to be understood, but you can read about it here on The Strong Company website and even today, you can make your company stronger and impact your bottom line in one simple step: INTENSIFY YOUR COMPANY’S SENSE OF PURPOSE.  This is generally done according to standard best practices by building or empowering your statements of MISSION and VISION.  Advance the true meaning of these statements in the knowledge and awareness of your key players and full staff.  Like safety management requires much talk about how to be safe – intensifying purpose is accomplished by much talk about company purpose and how to carry it out to the recipients. THE SERVICE MOTIVE is ALL-IMPORTANT and second to this is PROFITABILITY.

Balancing Profit Motive & Service Motive

Troubleshooting companies that are having issues often leads to discovery that these core motives are reversed in PRIORITY.  When Profit is put ahead of Service – QUALITY is sacrificed and soon profits suffer.  Retention of the right personnel also suffers as more trustworthy team members have conscience and are likely to leave when service motive is under-emphasized.  The balance of such forces can be satisfying to manage, but generally, operating in real-time and circumstance – it is quite a difficult task.  Business consulting gives you leverage.

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Momentum in business is the physics of success.

Leadership Communication Skills

Often company owners are surprised to discover that the cause of company performance deficiency is leadership communication deficiency.  Simply put – organizations do what they are led to to and they are led through communication.  When there is not enough clear communication relaying how and why to do what needs to be done – it doesn’t get done and company performance suffers.  Very simple; HOWEVER, the task of initiating effective leadership communication can seem daunting.  How do you do this??  First establish enough VOLUME and as you move forward, establish sufficient QUALITY.  Quality of communication for leadership effectiveness in driving company performance will improve with practice while putting out appropriate volume.  It is very common for company owners and managers to think that support staff should somehow know what they should be doing without being told or trained.  The Strong Company uses JKP – Job Knowledge Presentations to evaluate the degree to which your key players know what they are doing and what they are supposed to be doing for their roles to be effective.  When your team lives in a lack of communication and don’t know what they are doing – they are weak and company performance is difficulty to command.

Communication in Business Consulting

Quality business consulting is generally a new experience.  How do you interact with a consultant that can bring wonderful benefit to your strategic initiative?  A valuable organizational development consultancy is an interesting blend of support to your goals, coaching for next level achievement, sourcing of developmental tools and concepts that bring new opportunity and a communication exchange that moves forward through time.  The support, coaching and sourcing ALL MOVE THROUGH COMMUNICATION and this is the key area of focus and how to do well in a business optimizing consultancy.  Meetings, email… and all formats of communication may be utilized as suits the scenario – and the better the focus and clarity of communication exchange – the better for the big picture outcomes.

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Momentum is a very powerful business force.

Value of Your Goals

Any consultant worth their salt will GREATLY value your goals!!  This may be a bit shocking at first.  You may be used to people not having much sense of your goals for your company and the bright contrast can take some acclimation.  Also, you may be somewhat out of touch with your own greatest objectives due to operational daily grind, periods of distraction, derailment of specific initiatives and/or having had difficulty keeping clear focus on priorities.  Business consulting raises up your goals.  Initial discussions focus on clarifying these so mutual traction and direction can be built.  If there are immediate steps that must be taken to help the company adjust results – this goal orientation can proceed along the way while the pressing tasks are accomplished.

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