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Use Leadership Principles to Cure the Grind

What would happen if you removed the bearing packs from the wheel-axle connection on your vehicle?  Pretty ugly deal right?  Do your work days feel like that too often?  Hmmm… Maybe you are running your company without the bearing packs.  Leadership Principles seem complex at first.  Once you know how to use them – you won’t believe you ever tried to run without!

By advancing your leadership capabilities, you will raise up and attract other good leaders.  As common sense prevails around you, a winning culture grows roots.  Better employees choose to stay around.  Turnover drops.  The training systems improve and the overall knowledge pool grows more powerful.

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To build the type of team you know your vision needs, the first step is to take full responsibility for the leadership quality that the organization is currently experiencing.  (And this means the actual fact, not one’s favorable inward perception.)

Share the Vision through the Language of Leadership Principles

Companies don’t run themselves.  Leadership determines how the mission statement rolls down the road.  If you don’ have a mission statement, let’s make it right the first time.  And let’s dial in a strategic plan that builds confidence and mission clarity.  One of the easiest ways to get some of the extra weight off your shoulders is to communicate to subordinate leaders ways they can share the vision and see a future with the company.  Buy-in is powerful.

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Synergy is the power of TEAMwork, and you can’t do much without it.  Synergy among leadership chain of command hierarchies is the secret to successful growth, but buy-in of this type can’t be forced and it can’t be bought.  Shared vision is the key to unlocking the unity your team needs to tackle the real nuts and bolts of sustained success.  Leadership principles form a language.  Leadership principles provide insight and answers.

We can help get the set of values / ethics / principles that you already have ingrained and impacting operations.  We can help build a brand new set custom to suit your sensibilities.  Many operations are well suited to build in the Marshall Principles…

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This configuration is slightly adjusted from the work of author Jack Uldrich who has written expertly about the leadership wisdom of George C Marshall.  If you are unfamiliar with the life and work of General George Marshall – this link hops to the Marshall Foundation website.

Using The Leadership Principles of George Marshall

The Marshall Principles fit very well in many types of companies.  They change how you and your core team thinks about success and how to maintain sustained victory.  They provide subordinate leadership new perspective and generate a language for continuous improvement.

Leadership Principles - the strong company - guy masterson - gj co

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