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The entity roots of your business entity include an active strategic plan, articles of incorporation / articles of organization (LLC), bylaws or operating agreement (LLC), branding graphic design, and more…

The ENTITY ROOTS CHECK FORM will guide you through…

Here are some key explanations of the relevance of your roots!  It is recommended that you keep a corporate or company binder that holds your essential documents AND maintains a record of your entity functioning as an independent entity and NOT as an extension of your personal life, funds and activities.

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A core portion of your entity roots gather in your binder.  Some company owners keep a physical loose-leaf page type of binder with dividers, and some keep it electronically on a hard drive, in a cloud or on a flash drive.  The Strong Company recommends keeping the physical 3 ring binder with a backup on a cloud server AND putting one backup flash drive in a fire-safe place such as a bank safe deposit box or a fire-proof safe on an alternate premises.

Intellectual Property Entity Roots

Your company’s intellectual property includes BRANDING GRAPHIC DESIGN.  This is who the company is in the world.  Branding graphic design can include logos, service marks, trademarks, trade names, mission statements, vision statements and descriptions and a lot more.  If you are weak in this area – hit the gym!  Time to beef up and shape up your bid for long-term balanced growth.

entity roots - the strong company - gj co - grand jucntion colorado - guy masterson - business consulting

Your brand means a lot to you and your family.  Above is a photo of a brand stamp iron being heated by propane torch as is common in cattle operations.  The heat makes the burn, the burn leaves the mark.  Your intellectual property is at the root of your power to operate successfully.  The correct storage and maintenance of all entity root materials is essential to maximize your company’s success.  When you make your brand mean a lot to your core employees and to your core market – then you have accomplished something strong.

Meeting Minutes and / or Consent Resolutions ARE Entity Roots

To leave a trail through time that your company or corporation is acting as an entity and NOT as an extension of the owners you must use MEETING MINUTES and/or CONSENT RESOLUTIONS.  If you know all about this – just jump forward down the page.  This is one of the most overlooked and mishandled areas in small business, so it is worth nailing it down hardcore and getting super-clear!  What must be tracked for legal record is how the company is doing things.  Opening a bank account, signing a shop or office lease, buying equipment.  The right processes are very easy – you just need to understand what method to use for your situation.  Consent Resolutions are the more difficult system to understand.  In many companies, the right way to use these are to have an owner act as manager (officer for a corporation) and to execute (sign into action) what the company is RESOLVED to do.  We can show you how!



    entity roots - the strong company - guy masterson - gj co - grand junction colorado - executive command dynamics inc

    The Strong Company - gj co - business consulting - guy masterson