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Give your company a set of advantages.  Business can be tough.  Learn some new tools and build in solutions that will last for the life of the company.  The Strong Company gives you key insight to stop nagging operational problems and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  We bring operational excellence into focus.

the strong company - business consulting - guy masterson - gj co

From the first conversation you will be surprised.  The more consultants, manager trainers and coaches that you have experienced, the more you will enjoy the difference in the approach of The Strong Company.  We are not bookish.  We don’t jam statistics where they won’t fit.  We don’t try to apply general data to your company that is performing in a specific way in your industry.  We work with the live realities right where it is and where you are at!

the strong company - business consulting - guy masterson - xcom inc

The Strong Company

is the local to Grand Junction CO

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Your experience in leading your company is valuable.  You might need some keys that you haven’t found yet to make your experience rise to a solid level.  A lot of small business owners try to run their companies without using principles.  This proves very hard to do.  Statuses keep slipping to defaults where you are the one putting out fires and trust gets worn thin with people you hire.  Break ALL negative cycles.  Build the foundation right the first time.  We can show you how…

the strong company - guy masterson - business consulting - gj co
Companies with high information technology dependence rely on personnel being dependable to interpret and apply data.

Company change takes power.  Let’s ignite momentum!



Personnel challenges can cause significant friction; success requires bringing order and legitimacy to chain of command dynamics.  We can show you how!  The Strong Company can help you tune your office staff performance.  Would you like to develop better interface with your accountants? Do you have some concerns about how to operate in ways that will steer clear of legal issues?  Would you like to see the results produced by better, business-savvy contracts?  We can help you discover the power of strategic planning and how to set goals for your team or crews.  Winning is more fun (and it’s easier too.)


The Strong Company - gj co - business consulting - guy masterson

the strong company - business consulting - gj co

In the battle for sustained operating success you will find that having a consultant on your advisory team brings many game-changing advantages.  The Strong Company Grand Junction office is in the airport complex – get in touch for a free initial consultation.

the strong company - business consulting - guy masterson - xcom gj co

The Strong Company - gj co - masterson